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9QS-300A/9QS-350 Self-propelled Forage Harvester
○ Header:1. Row independent header with high-speed cutting rotors and freewheel mechanism. 9QS-350 uses a foldable header for road travel, with a minimum width of 2.5m
2. Hydraulic reversal mechanism, tungsten-carbide coated blades, and maize stubble cleaners all provide the best performance.
○ Cutting and comminution:1. 24 V-form herringbone configuration blades increase cutting efficiency and prolong belt life. The chopping drum is sealed to increase quality. Allows two sizes of cutting.
2. Automatic sharpening increases output per shift, saves fuel, and facilitates the operator's work;
3. Maintenance-free bearings on all major components in the intake system, reducing the need for maintenance.
4. Intake system and chopping system can be switched as a whole for easier maintenance and changing.
○ Corn cracker: 1. Hardened crackers comminute whole-plant-silage fast and effectively. Duo rollers ensure maximized cracking and prolonged life.
2. Silage duct can move in a 180-degree range and high and low.
○ Operation:1. Hydrostatic transmission allows a walking speed of 26 km/h.
2. All-in-one handle for easier control.
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