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4YJ-4A2(G4) self-propelled corn harvester
Combined cutting table, patented technology, can achieve corn ear and stalk harvest at the same time. The upper cutting table is a new four-row 650mm row spacing picking table, which adopts knife type pulling stem and plate type picking, with fast pulling stem speed and good picking effect. The lower cutting platform is a ground hob type stalk harvesting platform, which has good stalk cutting effect, no soil sticking in stalk harvest and high effective harvest rate of whole stalk.
The arrangement of six feeding rollers in three groups has obvious combing effect, compaction and smooth and efficient conveying.
The 24 cutting knives are arranged in a double row of herbone shape, with small cutting Angle, good breaking effect and strong throwing power. The fixed tool can be replaced and the position can be adjusted to meet the need of adjusting the clearance of the moving fixed tool in the harvest operation;
Automatic knife sharpening mechanism, one-key operation, automatic knife sharpening, to meet the needs of users in the season of operation, to ensure the stem cutting effect.
Efficient acceleration mechanism, integral shell, one welded impeller, 8 throwing blades in double row herringbone arrangement, throwing effect is better, higher efficiency.
Special collector, good collection effect, smooth material flow, small energy loss, high discharge speed.
High strength, large swing Angle, closed throwing mechanism, long throwing distance, high material concentration, can achieve the left 90°+2° to the right 90°+2° harvest operation, to meet the needs of various pickup trucks from low to high different heights of throwing material.。
Scraper chain elevator, lifting channel width 600mm, right side offset, the ear lifting and conveying uniform; High efficiency cleaning fan + two pull stem mechanism, stalk cleaning effect is strong.
The peeling machine adopts five groups of peeling rollers, the peeling effect is good, the stripping rate is greater than 95%, the kernel loss is less than 2%.
The effective volume of the granary can reach 5 cubic meters, which significantly reduces the number of grain unloading per unit time and improves operation efficiency.
Special 1000 series transmission, enhanced side reduction, stronger driving force; Hydraulic front drive, mechanical rear drive, can achieve a rod combination/split rear drive; The driving wheel has wide section, high bearing capacity, strong adaptability to ground conditions and better passability.
Guo Si 280 HP rear-loading engine, sufficient power reserve, more powerful; The use of special intercooling integrated water tank, high heat dissipation efficiency; Special fire cover, effectively prevent debris from entering the space near the engine.
Electronically controlled multi-function handle, integrated armrest box, electro-hydraulic control, one-button operation, can complete all actions such as driving, harvesting, greatly reducing the working intensity of the operator group.
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4UZ-P160A Self-Propelled Potato Picker
○ Working efficiency: 0.5 to 1 Acre per hour. Works best in sand terrain and terrains without dirt clods.
○ Chassis system:Hydro static 4WD with infinite variable speed. Quality guaranteed by Interpump Weifu motor and pump. Works well on even hilly terrain.
○ Picking system:Effectively resolves stalk entanglement and dirt accumulation in front and increased working efficiency and effectiveness. Transport chains are covered in rubber to protect the surface of potatoes.
○ Transport system:Widened transport groove helps ensure transport smoothness. Rubber covered rollers and minimized drops during transport reduce potential harms on potato.
○ Separation system:Adjustable stalk puller can effectively clear stalks on transport chain. Vibration eliminate dirt. Additional manual labor on separation platform takes out any remaining stalks and dirt, ensuring tidiness of the potatoes.
○ Unloading system:Hydraulic controlled unloading helps reducing manual labor and ensures precision.
○ Operating system:Humanly designed cab provides comfortable control during driving. Good field of view accompanied by monitors allows instantly mastery of all information.
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9QS-300A/9QS-350 Self-propelled Forage Harvester
○ Header:1. Row independent header with high-speed cutting rotors and freewheel mechanism. 9QS-350 uses a foldable header for road travel, with a minimum width of 2.5m
2. Hydraulic reversal mechanism, tungsten-carbide coated blades, and maize stubble cleaners all provide the best performance.
○ Cutting and comminution:1. 24 V-form herringbone configuration blades increase cutting efficiency and prolong belt life. The chopping drum is sealed to increase quality. Allows two sizes of cutting.
2. Automatic sharpening increases output per shift, saves fuel, and facilitates the operator's work;
3. Maintenance-free bearings on all major components in the intake system, reducing the need for maintenance.
4. Intake system and chopping system can be switched as a whole for easier maintenance and changing.
○ Corn cracker: 1. Hardened crackers comminute whole-plant-silage fast and effectively. Duo rollers ensure maximized cracking and prolonged life.
2. Silage duct can move in a 180-degree range and high and low.
○ Operation:1. Hydrostatic transmission allows a walking speed of 26 km/h.
2. All-in-one handle for easier control.
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4YZ-5AFQ/5AQ1/5A/5B/5K/4T Self Propelled Corn Picker
○ Header: Use patented knife-to-knife design for faster intake and it works great even in wet weather. Specialized header cover helps you harvest lodging maize.
○ Peeler: With 6 sets of peeler rollers, it ensures you get only corncob. Made of natural rubber to protect every grain
○ Residue cleaning: Equipped with cleansing fans and floating remover to ensure all you get is your crop. No stalks, no leaves.
○ Fruit Tank: The largest fruit tank from Yongmeng Family. More time harvesting and less time unloading.
○ Great engine: Duo power output makes this harvester a beast. Advanced electronic control ensures smooth output and better fuel efficiency. Also equipped with a cleansing fan to remove any residue on the engine cover.
○ Easy controls: Designed to fit human body, the function control is most convenient to the driver.
○ Chassis and wheels: The 1000 series transmission and gearbox ensures the best strength and driving experience. Hydrostatic driving for 5AQ1 and 5AFQ gives you a control better than ever. A standardized 18.4-30 front wheel coupled with our axles means you can walk in any terrain like a plain. With additional 4WD from 5AFQ, the king of farmlands is at your service.
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4YZ-5FQ/5GQ/5EQ1 Self Propelled Corn Picker
○ Header: Use patented knife-to-knife design for faster intake and it works great even in wet weather. Specialized header cover helps you harvest lodging maize.
○ Peeler: With 5 sets of flat peeler rollers, it ensures you get only corncob. Made of natural rubber to protect every grain
○ Grain collector: Electronic unloading for convenient collection. Can upgrade with residue remover fan and grain uploader for better collection.
○ Great Engine: Duo power output makes this harvester a beast. Advanced electronic control ensures smooth output and better fuel efficiency. Equipped with engine cover to prevent residues. State-of-the-art fin plate cooler helps you work in the extreme environment.
○ Easy controls: Designed to fit human body, the function panel is most convenient to the driver.
○ Chassis: 1000 series transmission and gear box to provide you with stability. Hydrostatic walking ensures your operability and quality. With additional uphill design to fit better in hilly terrain.
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4YZ-4EQ1 Self Propelled Corn Picker
○ Drive mode: Hydrostatic drive provides you with ease to drive and handle, plus great fuel efficiency.
○ Header: row independent header provides fast harvesting and less fuel consumption. Coupled with specialized holder to ensure best intake.
○ Peeling system: Peeler uses sustainable rubbers to prolong use life. 5-sets of peelers is more than anyone could provide. Combined with star-shaped pusher, all ears will be clean.
○ Powerful engine: 220 hp engine allows you to work on almost any terrain. Duo power output with advanced electric control to maximize your fuel efficiency.
○ Cooling system: Increased cooling areas with plate-fin design and tank size helps you work under extreme conditions.
○ Selection system: Vibrating screens and electronic seed unloading save every single grain.
○ Comminution: duo maize stubble choppers in front and in the middle to ensure best comminution efficiency.
○ Loading system: Ear transport device ensures your fruit tank is always filled to the top.
○ Versatility: Works great whether the weather is humid or dry.
○ Monitor system: Multiple monitors provide you with comprehensive information about harvesting.
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