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4UZ-P160A Self-Propelled Potato Picker
○ Working efficiency: 0.5 to 1 Acre per hour. Works best in sand terrain and terrains without dirt clods.
○ Chassis system:Hydro static 4WD with infinite variable speed. Quality guaranteed by Interpump Weifu motor and pump. Works well on even hilly terrain.
○ Picking system:Effectively resolves stalk entanglement and dirt accumulation in front and increased working efficiency and effectiveness. Transport chains are covered in rubber to protect the surface of potatoes.
○ Transport system:Widened transport groove helps ensure transport smoothness. Rubber covered rollers and minimized drops during transport reduce potential harms on potato.
○ Separation system:Adjustable stalk puller can effectively clear stalks on transport chain. Vibration eliminate dirt. Additional manual labor on separation platform takes out any remaining stalks and dirt, ensuring tidiness of the potatoes.
○ Unloading system:Hydraulic controlled unloading helps reducing manual labor and ensures precision.
○ Operating system:Humanly designed cab provides comfortable control during driving. Good field of view accompanied by monitors allows instantly mastery of all information.
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